Day 2 Kubernetes on Day 1

Experience Kubernetes’ full potential by simplifying the creation and maintenance of clusters.

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What are you struggling with?

Avoid the most common Kubernetes headaches

Wayfinder is an abstraction layer that sits on top of the cloud providers—like having a Kubernetes team in a box.

  • Provider lock-in

  • Slow deployment

  • Security auditing

  • Operational scaling

  • New user on-boarding

  • Namespace proliferation

  • Monitoring and performance

What does Wayfinder help you do?

  • Simplify deployment

    Deploy new clusters in minutes instead of hours. DevOps defines how clusters are built and users drive actual deployment.

  • Enforce security

    Baked-in security and guardrails best practices ensure you have Day 2 maturity from the beginning.

  • Scale operations

    Intuitive automation and a consolidated view means there’s no need to increase staff when you increase the number of clusters.

Features that make it easier (and more efficient) for you to scale your use of the cloud...

  • Automated cluster deployment

    • Solved: Manual deployment

    Automatically deploy a Kubernetes cluster when the user requests it.

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    The typical deployment practice is to send a request and eventually a DevOps engineer will build a new cluster. Wayfinder takes the challenge out of implementation by allowing DevOps personnel to pre-define how a cluster will be created. Then, when the user needs it, the user leverages our automation to create the cluster in just minutes. 

    Built from industry best-practices and the concept of least privilege, you can quickly create Kubernetes clusters with very little human interaction. Once installed, users can bring up complex clusters in a few moments from either the command line or a web interface.

  • Provider-agnostic user interface

    • Solved: Vendor lock-in

    Wayfinder offers a consolidated user interface that works across GKE, AKS and EKS.

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    Whether you’re standing up a Kubernetes cluster on Azure, AWS or GCP, the user interface and behaviors are exactly the same. The administrator is the only one who needs to understand how to use Wayfinder. For everyone else, the intricacies of AWS, Azure and GCP are simplified by a single, consistent user interface.

    Wayfinder is completely independent from Kubernetes distributions. Instead, it sits on top of the provider’s environment with no dependency on any Kubernetes code. It’s also provider agnostic, working equally with EKS, AKS and GKS. Not only is it portable between Kubernetes distributions, but also between cloud provider Kubernetes implementations.

  • Inherent security best practices

    • Solved: Security auditing

    Automated processes focus on keeping clusters consistent and secure, so you experience ‘Day 2’ operations from the start.

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    Wayfinder provides Kubernetes implementations that observe security best-practices as a starting point. 

    On that foundation, we create automated processes that focus on keeping clusters consistent over time as well as keeping them secure. In this way, we implement Day 2 operations from the outset. These capabilities extend to all supported environments such as EKS, GKS and AKS.

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