Self-service deployment environments

Ephemeral, static or time-bound environments - keep costs low and productivity high

Environments made easy

Select from defined infrastructure plans and get going quickly

Keep infrastructure to a minimum

Select from infrastructure blueprints that match your application environment requirements such as GPU, low-cost, low resiliency or similar.

Have more interactive code reviews

Create dynamic PR environments so team members can review your deployed changes.

Reduce your cloud costs with timed environments

Keep costs low by having environments expire and infrastructure automatically destroyed after a set period of time.

How it works

Define your environments with your code and make it part of your CI/CD process

Select the type of infrastructure you need

Select from the most appropriate workload types such as GPU or cost efficient instances that your platform team has provided or re-use existing infrastructure.

Create the environment

Define the environment you need and how long you need it for - such as an 8 hour Development environment.

Select the type of infrastructure stage

Select the infrastructure stage that your platform team has defined, this could be something like non-production or production. Once selected, workloads will be isolated when infrastructure is built.

Integrate it into your CI/CD pipeline

Generate an access token for your CI system to integrate into, check in the YAML files generated by Wayfinder and deploy environments automatically in CI/CD.

Why choose Wayfinder

Promote a working end-to-end solution through to production with self-service.

Seamless integration

Integrate with your existing workflow, tech stack and infrastructure. We support all major cloud providers and Developer/Devops Tools.

Hard problems solved

We solve the painful problems for you. We spent thousands of hours thinking through a defined way of working to help your team deliver.

Not just an internal tool

Wayfinder is a product that has tested, validated and integrated APIs. It is more than a tool with hard to validate configuration and technical sprawl.

Deep expertise

We're part of the cloud native ecosystem. We contribute via our open source projects, tech blog, in person meet-ups and podcast.

Wayfinder developer features

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