Developer friendly Kubernetes

Make Kubernetes a simple commodity service for their environments.

Environment driven Kubernetes

Take away the complexity from Kubernetes and make it run like a SaaS

Give teams frictionless Kubernetes infrastructure

Cloud-based Kubernetes can be difficult for teams to adopt. By providing cluster plans that reduce down the complexity for Developers, they can start to create environments without the knowledge overhead.

Keep Cloud costs low by empowering Developers

Give Developers control to reduce their Cloud costs. Let teams right-size easily, delete infrastructure when no longer needed or use ephemeral environments that destroys infrastructure after a period of time.

Let teams own the infrastructure and you own the assurance

Brokering changes across lots of teams can slow down patches, upgrades and improvements. Let teams take charge of when to apply the changes you have assured.

How it works

How do platform engineers work with Cluster Plans?

Cloud specific Kubernetes plans

Create Kubernetes plans for development teams to self-serve. Assure Cluster Plans and bring together a set of versioned in-cluster services in a repeatable way.

Automated networks and connectivity

Layout your network topology across your environments, defining ranges and connectivity rules. When teams self-serve, networks will be isolated and connected up in a repeatable way.

Define the infrastructure types with cost awareness

Define various types of infrastructure that teams need such as GPU, spot instances or more. View predicted cost and make cost effective amendments before making available to teams.

Define or select Packages

Configure and manage in-cluster services such as prometheus, ingresses or more. Pin the cluster plans to specific versions of in-cluster services to increase developer self-service assurance.

Learn more about packages

Make Cluster Plans global or team scoped

Associate cluster plans with specific teams for custom configuration or make them available to everyone for self-service.

Define overrides for Developers

Allow developers to override specific parts of the cluster plan by marking specific fields something that can be overridden.

Why choose Wayfinder

Promote a working end-to-end solution through to production with self-service.

Seamless integration

Integrate with your existing workflow, tech stack and infrastructure. We support all major cloud providers and Developer/Devops Tools.

Hard problems solved

We solve the painful problems for you. We spent thousands of hours thinking through a defined way of working to help your team deliver.

Not just an internal tool

Wayfinder is a product that has tested, validated and integrated APIs. It is more than a tool with hard to validate configuration and technical sprawl.

Deep expertise

We're part of the cloud native ecosystem. We contribute via our open source projects, tech blog, in person meet-ups and podcast.

Wayfinder platform features

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