Securely ship containerized applications to cloud

Cloud doesn’t have to be time-consuming, complicated or risky! Bring Developer and Operations teams together with a consistent and secure cloud delivery solution.

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Do DevOps for Cloud the secure way!

Scaling in the cloud can result in inconsistent ways of working for DevOps and Development teams, creating complexity, risk, and unnecessary cost. Wayfinder enables secure cloud native adoption so you can ship containerized applications quickly and securely across multiple clouds and get the most out of your Cloud teams with Developer self-service.

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A unified way of working for cloud

Get features in your customers hands quickly with developer self-service
Have a production ready, working end-to-end application with self-service environments and application dependencies.
Reduce the security risk with isolated workloads
Have automated isolated project workloads and avoid the security risk of sharing cloud accounts and infrastructure.
Self-healing, self-patching Kubernetes clusters
Have automated self-healing and self-patching Kubernetes clusters, removing the upgrade burden from teams.
Consistent in-cluster services, ready for teams
Distribute in-cluster applications repeatedly across groups of clusters or globally, even when they are destroyed and rebuilt.
Understand your costs, before they grow
Make teams aware of the costs, before they provision infrastructure - creating cost-effective teams!
A true multi-cloud experience
Empower teams to ship their business applications into AWS, Azure or GCP with a unified multi-cloud experience.

Appvia Solutions

We take pride in helping organizations recognize the true value of cloud in a cost effective and secure way

Fast and cost optimised deployment for cloud with Wayfinder Kubernetes management

App-Accelerator Add-on Service

Rapidly onboard business critical applications

Cloud Native Landing Zone
Put the right cloud structure around your teams across AWS, GCP or Azure. So they can deliver securely with cost controls and guard rails.
Highly Integrated Cloud Security
Have tight cloud security integration with least privilege, short-lived access and single-sign-on.
Developer Self-Service
Get fast time to market by allowing developers to self-service cloud application dependencies.
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“Appvia have provided a consistently high-quality product and service. They have shown a drive to not just innovate but provide guidance and assistance, promoting agile delivery.”

Matt Philpott

Director, Enterprise Technology, UK Home Office

Appvia is a trusted partner of companies like yours

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Empower operations and developers

Bring Dev and Ops teams together in one solution. Empower developers to deliver securely in the cloud in a self-service way, allowing your cloud teams to do more with less.

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Cloud self-service

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Multi-cloud self-service

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Kubernetes self-service

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Environments self-service

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On/off board self-service

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Auto-upgrade self-service

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Developer self-service

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Industry cloud journeys

We specialize in several industries, from highly regulated through to highly disruptive.

Banking and Finance
We deliver fully compliant cloud solutions for banking and finance industries. Move quickly, without compromising on security best practices.
We deliver fully compliant cloud solutions for banking and finance industries. Move quickly, without compromising on security best practices.
Make sure your cloud delivery is secure-by-default and meets all of the best practices of cloud.
Public Sector
Deliver less with more with out-of-the-box automation and cloud cost oversight.
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