Kubernetes done right

Achieving Day 2 cloud maturity on Day 1 with solutions that are:

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Cost Effective

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We built Wayfinder to...


Enforce security with ease

Baked-in security and guardrails best practices ensure you have Day 2 maturity from the beginning.


Reduce operational bottlenecks

Intuitive automation and a consolidated view means there’s no need to increase staff when you increase the number of clusters.


Create Kubernetes clusters quickly

Deploy new clusters in minutes instead of hours. DevOps define how clusters are built and users drive actual deployment.

All the benefits of cloud-native …

  • Multi-cloud flexibility

    Work across all of the major cloud providers, AWS, Azure and GCP, with a common interface.

  • Rapid application development

    A common process for application development, which streamlines deployment.

  • Operate at scale

    Scale the number of requests seamlessly. Whether it’s one cluster or one hundred clusters.

  • Security and guardrails

    Security requirements are embedded in the automation so that you’re secure from Day 1.

  • Developer self-service

    User-centric process where developers can create resources that they need, as they need them.

  • DevOps efficiency

    DevOps teams are involved in automating cloud processes, rather than creating them by hand.

... none of the pains

  • Duplicated provider support

    Each cloud provider requires its own support team, the team members are not interchangeable.

  • Fragmented development processes

    There are different application development processes across cloud providers.

  • Inability to scale

    Clusters are created manually and take a huge amount of time and effort.

  • Visibility and security blindspots

    Manually maintaining security guidelines leaves you vulnerable and prone to errors.

  • Inefficient infrastructure creation

    There’s an inefficient, lengthy ticketing request process to build infrastructure.

  • DevOps productivity drains

    DevOps teams are constantly involved in manual processes and creating resources by hand.

What can getting Kubernetes right do for your organization?

We'll work with you to determine what your biggest needs are, and how we can help.

What makes Wayfinder different?

Whether you’re just getting started or struggling to scale, Wayfinder automates the complexities of cloud and Kubernetes.

Baked-in best practices

Intuitive automation ensures that best-practice security, auditing and guardrails are constantly running in the background. You’ll always be safe and secure, and able to implement Day 2 operations from Day 1.

User-friendly interface

Wayfinder sits as an abstraction layer on top of the cloud providers' offerings. Your teams don’t have to be experts, we do that for you by consolidating everything that devs and operators need to work fast and efficiently.

Built from experience

The Appvia team are cloud experts. We’ve worked with Kubernetes since the very start, and have experience implementing cloud across highly secure and regulated environments. We’ve truly ‘been there, done that’.

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