Self-Serve Application Cloud Dependencies

A working end-to-end Cloud application in minutes through Developer deployment automation.

Deploy your app and cloud dependencies

Promote a working end-to-end solution through to production with true Cloud self-service.

Deploy more than just your app workload

Applications need more than just some infrastructure and an environment to run in. They need Cloud services that they can consume easily, securely and without friction.

Move quickly and stay lean

Simplify your cloud experience and focus on what truly matters. Our solution offers exactly what your applications need, eliminating the necessity for extensive knowledge in cloud resource configuration

Wire your application together

Use a simple declarative representation of your application and its dependencies that you can promote between environments.

How it works

Define your dependencies and connect up your application in minutes

Select from pre-defined infrastructure plans

Select the infrastructure that best meets your application needs from low-cost infrastructure plans through to GPU.

Input application centric information

Provide only the necessary application information to the Cloud Resource such as Database name, region, object storage name or similar.

Consume the outputs in your application

Map a dependency between your application and the Cloud resources you've created. Map Cloud Resource output values to environment variables your application component is designed for e.g. Map  $DATABASE_INSTANCE_ADDRESS to $DB_HOST

Validate, apply, check-in and check logs

Validate the configuration before applying, once passed, check in your changes as code and add continuous CI/CD steps to move through environments.

Use live log streaming to get fast feedback and resolve any configuration issues to move quickly to production.

Why choose Wayfinder

Promote a working end-to-end solution through to production with self-service.

Seamless integration

Integrate with your existing workflow, tech stack and infrastructure. We support all major cloud providers and Developer/Devops Tools.

Hard problems solved

We solve the painful problems for you. We spent thousands of hours thinking through a defined way of working to help your team deliver.

Not just an internal tool

Wayfinder is a product that has tested, validated and integrated APIs. It is more than a tool with hard to validate configuration and technical sprawl.

Deep expertise

We're part of the cloud native ecosystem. We contribute via our open source projects, tech blog, in person meet-ups and podcast.

Wayfinder developer features

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