Self-service infra with complete control

Increase developer velocity with Appvia Wayfinder. Platform teams operate at scale by managing self-service guardrails to ensure standardisation.

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Platform enablement

End-to-end self-service

Self-service provisioning of environments (clusters and/or namespaces) that meet organisational standards. Self-service provisioning of cloud resources from a catalogue of terraform modules managed by the platform team. One-step integration with any CI/CD tooling.

Programmatic isolation and boundaries

Built on principles of isolation and least privilege, configuration and access is secure by default, minimising the effort required to maintain a strong security posture.

Centralised control

From clusters to cloud resources, platform engineers can choose what development teams can and can’t do, and then get out of the way to let them get on with it.

Fine-grained control

With complete access to the underlying CRDs, platform teams can adopt out-of-the-box best practice configurations, or dive into the details to make sure all organisational requirements are satisfied.


With centralised control of self-service options, you get a single pane of glass to see clusters, apps, and cloud resources, across all three clouds. See who to talk to, which versions are in use, and how much usage they’re getting all in one central location.

Cloud automation

Easy automation of ephemeral clusters and namespaces for testing purposes, ensuring safe deployments and upgrades