Integrate into your existing tools and solutions

Have a standardised integrated platform for your Developer teams

Have repeatable self-service integrations

Have a consistent end-to-end outcome that you can validate for Developers

Remove developer friction with self-service integrated tools

Have clusters integrations deployed and configured repeatedly for every developer self-service request. Manage a fleet of self-service infrastructure in a unified way.

Repeatable team outcomes with 0 overheads

Give teams the same self-service experience, standardising how teams deploy, manage and delete infrastructure in the Cloud.

Dynamically configured services

Create templated integrations for Helm or additional configurations based on dynamic information. Standardise on a single set of templates reducing complexity and operational overheads.

How it works

Drive dynamic configuration of integrated technologies when self-served

Add helm or custom configurations

Integrate exiting tools such as monitoring, logging solutions or more. Use environment specific configuration to configure in-cluster services dynamically when Developers self-serve.

Define custom configuration

Define specific configuration files to create custom configurations for various services. Leverage Wayfinder's knowledge of the system to logic based configuration settings.

Use the templating feature for advanced use cases

Use Wayfinder's system or user-defined variables inside of your integration templates. Leverage logic like which Cloud Provider is being used or whether a developer wanted a public/private endpoints. Create dependencies between versioned configuration and in-cluster services.

Get automated workload identities

Secure the in-cluster services with Role based access controls and least privilege cloud policies. When services need cloud access, make sure it is repeatedly controlled with Wayfinder automated workload identities.

Why choose Wayfinder

Promote a working end-to-end solution through to production with self-service.

Seamless integration

Integrate with your existing workflow, tech stack and infrastructure. We support all major cloud providers and Developer/Devops Tools.

Hard problems solved

We solve the painful problems for you. We spent thousands of hours thinking through a defined way of working to help your team deliver.

Not just an internal tool

Wayfinder is a product that has tested, validated and integrated APIs. It is more than a tool with hard to validate configuration and technical sprawl.

Deep expertise

We're part of the cloud native ecosystem. We contribute via our open source projects, tech blog, in person meet-ups and podcast.

Wayfinder platform features

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