Our Vision

To make using Kubernetes as
easy as operating a mobile phone

Appvia exists to help software engineering companies accelerate and scale using the best cloud-native technology available today. Without wasting resources, exposing themselves to unnecessary risks or becoming bogged down in the search for specialist skills.


Founding Story

Are you sitting comfortably?

Way back in 2016, the team behind Appvia was working with the Home Office to transform the way it delivers digital services. With more than 700 developers working on 400 apps, the stakes were high.

Kubernetes had recently emerged as a viable solution to the problem of getting developers to use containers consistently at scale. Drawing on our extensive experience of software engineering for large organisations, we decided to build a system—the forerunner to Appvia—to harness the abilities of this new technology.


Our Goal

Turning confusion into clarity

We wanted engineers to be empowered, but we also wanted security and speed. This meant scrutinising how Home Office teams worked, giving them the ability to self-serve while improving oversight, and making extremely complex technology simple to use. Plus we needed an approach that would work for any size of team, from two to 40 engineers. No pressure.

In the end, the impact was profound. Our system helped the Home Office speed up development and reduce the use of specialist resources. This resulted in a huge cost reduction, measured across the 40 projects we were involved in.



Experience becomes a valuable product

While wrestling with the challenges of government-scale work, we realised it might be possible to turn our experience into a product. Then we could help other organisations deal with similar issues and steer clear of the potentially damaging alternative: building a system from scratch.

Appvia was born. Now you too can get the advantages of containerisation without becoming mired in complexity and risk.


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