Manage self-service with policies

Reduce self-service risk with our in-built policies as well as your own

Policy automation that gives developer freedom

Give developers the freedom to innovate and deliver quickly with policies that help keep things secure

Reuse our defaults and build on them

Teams require a set of sensible cost and security policies around them to enable them to iterate safely to production. Wayfinder has out of the box defaults you can amend or add to.

Empower teams to override common configuration

Set override policies that allow development teams to be empowered to override specific configuration on infrastructure plans such as region or the size of nodes.

Bring your own Kyverno policies

Extend our global policy rollouts with your existing or custom Kyverno policies. Allow Wayfinder to manage and control where they get applied.

How it works

How do platform engineers work with Policies?

Out of the box defaults

Wayfinder comes with a set of pre-defined default policies that you can edit or extend that aligns to industry standards, such as:
• Access policies
• Network policies
• Kubernetes security policies

Roles and Access Policies

Create roles or use the in-built roles that contain the right type of permissions you want to delegate to users. Attach access policies to roles that confine how long that role can be used for, where it can be used, what network can use it and what time of day it can be used.

Extend with Kyverno policies

If you have existing Kyverno policies, you can embed them into Wayfinders policy resources, which Wayfinder is integrated into. This allows for a more advanced set of policies to be created where necessary.

Control how policies get rolled out

Policies can be rolled out globally or at a more granular level such as the infrastructure stage, workspace or at a specific cluster level. Whether it's new infrastructure or recreated infrastructure, policies will consistently be delivered repeatedly.

Why choose Wayfinder

Promote a working end-to-end solution through to production with self-service.

Seamless integration

Integrate with your existing workflow, tech stack and infrastructure. We support all major cloud providers and Developer/Devops Tools.

Hard problems solved

We solve the painful problems for you. We spent thousands of hours thinking through a defined way of working to help your team deliver.

Not just an internal tool

Wayfinder is a product that has tested, validated and integrated APIs. It is more than a tool with hard to validate configuration and technical sprawl.

Deep expertise

We're part of the cloud native ecosystem. We contribute via our open source projects, tech blog, in person meet-ups and podcast.

Wayfinder platform features

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