Integrated Cloud security

We embed Cloud security best practices giving you instant security benefits

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Ready to go Cloud security

Automating Cloud security across Kubernetes and Cloud resources is complicated and time consuming. With Wayfinder, we have baked in cloud security best practices across all of our Cloud integrations.

Improve your cloud security with out-of-the-box default security controls, isolated Cloud accounts for your business workloads and tight access controls with short-lived access.

Deliver secure Cloud native applications


Wayfinder Security Capabilities

We take Cloud security seriously! All of our solutions align to security best practices.

Simple and secure RBAC

Simplified Role Based Access Control across Clouds, Kubernetes and clusters

Isolated accounts for teams

Automated cloud accounts for business applications

Hardened multi-tenancy

Multi tenant clusters

Least privilege

Zero trust, controlled RBAC access

Short-lived access controls

Time bound privilege escalation

Cloud-focused Kubernetes access permissions

Instant security around in-cluster applications with Cloud identity

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Wayfinder technical view

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