Kubernetes-as-a-service for teams

Commoditized Kubernetes, removing the complexity for your developers

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Removing operational complexity

Making Kubernetes a push button experience is essential for rapid delivery and accelerating application migration and modernization.

Wayfinder makes it simple for teams to provision and manage Kubernetes across any major cloud providers. 

Developers  can experience a seamless simple user experience to your delivery teams, without getting bogged down in the Kubernetes complexities.

Enable riskless and secure development


Wayfinder: Kubernetes Made Simple

Making Kubernetes accessible to Developers with in-built security and self-service

Empower teams to deliver

Enable self-service multi-cloud kubernetes

Platform team:

Self-service application delivery

Remove the bottlenecks from your application delivery

Developer team:

Share Clusters with other Projects

Keep costs low by sharing infrastructure with other teams

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Wayfinder technical view

Marketecture diagram 16

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