Secure your data in Azure

Protect your data and workloads with a secure landing zone.

The right policies for the right level of protection

Flexera State of the Cloud Report 2023 identified that 80% of companies have experienced at least one cloud security incident in the last year due to a lack of security best practice enforcement in the Cloud

An Azure Landing Zone provides a set of security policies, controls and insights across your entire Azure estate enabling you to be secure and compliant to all major standards including PCI, CIS, NIST standards and more.

Integrated identity management

Protect everything in the Cloud with least permission, policies and federated identity. Have centrally controlled user management or service principles with Role Based Access Controls.

Least permission access

Drive policies that provide the least permission to users and systems when creating, reading, updating or deleting cloud resources.

Isolated workload strategy for teams

Give teams and their workloads dedicated subscriptions to reduce the blast radius of a compromise. Isolate data and environments at a cloud infrastructure level with the relevant guardrails in place.

Central untampered audit

Protect all audit into a central audit capability that only security teams have read access to. Prevent any deletion of any audit data with hardened security rules and replication.

Central connectivity and firewall capabilities

Give teams access to all internal, on-premise or internet services easily with an integrated connectivity solution. Provide central web firewall capabilities and security scans across all application data flows.

Security insights and alerts

Aggregate your security insights into a single view with Sentinel, enabling you to get visibility on un-compliant workloads an data. Integrate Defender to drive security awareness through Cloud Alerts.

How security integrates into your Cloud

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