Unlock your innovation potential

Give you teams access to innovative services in a controlled and secure way

Get access to innovative Cloud services like AI

Differentiating your product offerings is critical to keep abreast of the industry. Enable your developers to experiment safely and create features that set you apart with an Azure Landing Zone

Sandbox Safety

Keep experiments and R&D in a safe isolated cloud subscription. Allow teams to try new services, iterate quickly and get to new features without the risk to other data and services.

Isolated product subscriptions

Give teams their own dedicated subscriptions for specific product lines so they can release to production quickly. Set them up for success with everything they need out of the box

Repeatable automation

Deliver isolated Cloud subscriptions in seconds in a testable, automated and repeatable way. Have a streamlined setup process that aligns to Cloud best practices and architectural standards.

Instant connectivity between services

No more TicketOps for connectivity between application services. Have automated connectivity in place so teams have working end-to-end applications straight away!

Automated accounts and 
Connectivity Blueprint

Security Controlled Services

Control what services can get used in sandbox accounts separate to development and production using organisational units.

Central Virtual WAN

Have automated approved firewall configurations using the Virtual WAN and Firewall services. No more waiting for changes!

Infrastructure as code

All driven by infrastructure as code and continuous integration and deployment workflows

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