Secure your cloud and control your costs!

Put the right security guardrails, automation and cost management around your teams with an Azure Landing Zone!

What is an Azure Landing Zone

An Azure landing zone provides your organisation with a Microsoft-recommended secure and robust way of managing and operating the Cloud. These architectural principles enable consistency, security and cost management for application migrations, modernisation and innovation at scale.

Security risks

Without the right governance controls in place it's easy for breaches to occur. 85% of businesses are concerned about their security posture. Put the security preventions and detections in to protect your data.

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Spiralling Cloud Costs

Keeping on top of your cloud spend is a difficulty every organisation experiences. Putting the right budget controls and visibility in place before teams deploy will enable teams to stay within budget!

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Operational complexity / cost

Managing technical Cloud sprawl introduces a lot of operational cost and complexity. Find out how a landing zone can provide consistency to how you deliver applications in the cloud!

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Lack of innovation

Enabling innovation at scale requires experienced talent that is hard to find and retain. By putting in the right automation for application teams, you can streamline application delivery in the Cloud

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What makes up a Landing Zone

An Azure landing zone is made up of two fundamental pillars: Platform resources that are presented to workloads such as Policy, Internal DNS and Central Connectivity and Isolated Application Subscriptions for business data and workloads.

Isolate and scale platform resources

Identity and access management

Centrally manage identity and Role Based Access Controls across your estate. Integrate into existing identity providers where needed.

Centralised connectivity

Manage cross-premises network connectivity in a central way, allowing for a controlled and repeatable connectivity pattern across your organisation.

Audit oversight

Aggregate your Cloud logs across your estate into a central view you can report on. Integrate Defender to drive Cloud Alerts across your teams.

Policy and Governance

Manage and deploy policies across your Azure
estate in a controlled way. Isolate policies using management groups and provide the necessary compliance guardrails around development teams whilst allowing for innovation.

Cost controls

Control your cloud costs by setting and enforcing budget controls using Azure Cost Management and Billing. Provide central visibility to your financial teams as well as product teams, to give cost transparency to the necessary people in your organisation.

Isolate your application data and workloads

Isolated Application Subscriptions

Isolate application data and workloads into their own Subscriptions, improving security, audit and governance.

Automated Connectivity

Have all necessary connectivity in place ready for teams to deploy. Remove bottlenecks on access to relevant systems and services with automated Virtual WAN connectivity.

Budget controls and oversight

Set application and environmental budgets per team. Enable and enforce cloud tags so you can always understand how much your applications, projects and business units are spending.

Isolated Environments

Make sure production and non-production environments are completely isolated inside of their own cloud subscriptions by default.

Approved Cloud Services and Regions

Set teams up for success with all the regions and cloud services you support as an organisations so they can deploy their business applications with ease.

How it fits into your Azure estate

Infrastructure as code

All driven by infrastructure as code and continuous integration and deployment workflows

Azure Aligned Code

Provisioned using Azure approved and supported Terraform modules.

Terraform Add-ons

All additional cloud configurations we provide are delivered using Terraform.

How quickly can it be delivered

A landing zone can be delivered within two to three weeks depending on your requirements. We always perform an assessment of your current Azure setup and an understanding of your overall business goals to make sure that what we deliver is what your business requires.

2 Weeks
Policy as code
Knowledge sharing

What it gives you

A migration ready Cloud platform

A security aligned compliant way of working

An operating model for the Cloud

Cost management and oversight

Data and workload isolation

Centralised connectivity management to environments

A standardised approach to manage your cloud platform

Fast environment provisioning with security guardrails

Our Approach

Everything as code for auditability

Continuous integration and deployment pipelines

Training and up-skilling

Full stakeholder engagement

CIS/NIST Security alignment

Policy as code

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