Get control of your Cloud complexity

Don't let the Cloud control you! Get ahead of the sprawl and put the consistency in place!

Standardise on your Azure usage

Define the patterns and standards teams need to streamline application delivery and drive operational efficiency. Reduce the demand on the DevOps and Platform Teams by leaning on automation.

Infrastructure as Code

Drive everything as code! Have full end-to-end automation of all Cloud resources. Test, deploy and manage changes inline with best practices - giving you a full understanding of how your infrastructure got there, when it was last changed, why it was changed and who it was changed by.

Repeatable Connectivity Patterns

Standardise on your network connectivity across all applications and services. Provide an automated connectivity pattern for every Cloud Subscription, providing internal and external connectivity to all services. Enable Network and Web Application Firewalls to protect all services in one way!

Security Policy as Code

Align to Infrastructure-as-code best practices and control your security through code too! Get full central visibility on the policies that are in place and enforced across Azure.

Test your policy changes before rolling them out into production in a staged, testable way.

Drive changes with CI/CD

Prevent manual changes from happening inside of protected environments. Enforce Continuous Deployment as the only way changes can be made giving you full visibility and repeatability across all of your cloud.

Organise your Cloud resources

Use management groups to group your infrastructure into defined areas that policies can be applied to. Keep Azure manageable so that you can treat innovation sandboxes differently to development and production workloads.

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