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Cloud Costs: Get visibility and optimise spending 


Who's managing your cloud costs? Teams are understandably focused on delivery and security, but at a *cost* (pun intended). 

With cloud costs being confusing to predict and challenging to keep track of, budgets can balloon out of control quickly.  

In this webinar, Appvia COO Jay Keshur and Senior Developer Mark Hughes discuss the challenges and best practices of resource cost management, and how to ultimately optimise spending. 

What's covered: 

  • Challenges around cloud resource cost management, optimisation and visibility. 

  • Overcoming complexity of managing costs with multiple cloud providers

  • Involving developers in decision making to bring down the resourcing costs

  • Introduction to Appvia Kore Cost, which provides granular projected and actual cost visibility across AWS, GCP and Azure

  • Leveraging accrued actual costs and spending insights 

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Webinar Speakers


Jay Keshur

Chief Operating Officer at Appvia

Jay Keshur is Appvia's COO, as well as a Co-founder. With over 13 years of software and infrastructure experience, he has worked his way from Tandem NonStop all the way to Kubernetes.

Jay has worked across multiple industries, such as finance and media, and his experience as an SRE was crucial for implementing Cloud Native solution to UK government departments.

Mark Hughes

Senior Developer at Appvia

Mark Hughes is a Senior Developer at Appvia. He brings over a decade of experience living through the problems big organisations have with embracing cloud native computing and modern development practices.

Mark strongly believes in building products that support developers rather than working against them. So, now he's working on Appvia Kore, helping organisations adopt Kubernetes at scale.


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