Stay within your Cloud budget

Don't let Cloud costs run away with you, put in the budget controls!

Don't let costs spiral out of control

We all know that the Cloud can be expensive if not optimised in the right way.

Make sure you optimise your workloads, maximise capacity and keep on top of your spend with budget controls with an AWS Landing Zone

Detailed cost visibility

Put the right tagging standards policy in place, so that you can always attribute costs at a granular level to motivate teams to optimise their application services.

Financial breakdowns and forecast

Give your finance teams access to the Cloud billing with forecastable and project specific costs. Enable better financial planning across your organisation.

Team budgets and controls

Set budgets and alerts to keep on top of team cloud spend. Enforce budget controls by suspending accounts in non-critical environments such as non-production and sandbox areas when costs exceed limits.

Get discounts with saving plans and reserved instances

Understand your utilisation and commit to specific saving plans or reserved instances types enabling you to reduce your overall cloud bill by up to 72%.

Cost anomaly detection

Find the anomalies in your Cloud costs by using Cost anomaly detection services. Get alerts when trends are irregular and your cloud consumption changes.

Team cost visibility

Make sure your development teams are aware of costs as they are deploying and scaling applications across environments with cost insights, budgets and alerts.

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