Landing Zone Pricing

What we deliver

Appvia's Landing Zone will provide you with a foundational or advanced set of capabilities within a 2-3 week timeframe. You will have a level of cloud maturity that meets the Well Architected Framework as well as all the necessary tools, processes and ways of working to guarantee your future success!



Per engagement

Identity and Access Management

Safeguard data, streamline access: our IAM solution ensures secure, efficient user management, bolstering compliance and protecting against unauthorised access.

Centralised Connectivity

Elevate your network connectivity with centralised controls and filtering, enhancing security, and optimised performance across diverse environments.

Multi-Account Support

Our multi-account support simplifies governance, enhances security, and optimises resource utilisation across your organisation's AWS infrastructure

Centralised Audit and Logging

Safeguard data, streamline access: our IAM solution ensures secure, efficient user management, bolstering compliance and protecting against unauthorised access.

Policy and Governance Controls

Secure your AWS infrastructure with our comprehensive solutions, ensuring compliance and peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Cost Controls and Optimisation

Maximise efficiency, minimise costs, ensure cost is a component of design.


On request

Additional Training

Complimenting the in-depth training and pairing during Landing Zone delivery. Appvia can also offer additional training time, to ensure the organisation is ready to unlock and take control.

On request

Migration Service

Unlock enhanced scalability and security with our expertly managed cloud migration service.

On request

Cost Optimisation & FinOPS Insights

Empower your finances, streamline your 
operations with FinOps

Opt-in for continuous improvements and support

We can provide you with continual support, insights and optimisations so you always have access to one of our experts. With continual improvements and landing zone upgrades, you will always remain current!



Per year

9am-5pm, Mon-Fri Support

Support Reports

Continuous Upgrades


Contact us

24/7 support available on request

1-hour response SLA

Frequent upgrades

Optimisation Review

2 x Technical Strategy workshops


What will be supported as part of the subscription service?
Appvia will support all of the landing zone capabilities delivered as well as the underlying technology used to deliver them. This will include additional capabilities that we have created on top of the Cloud vendor supported capabilities.
Will the tools used to deliver a landing zone be part of the service?
Yes, all tools and continuous integration and deployment processes will be supported as part of what we deliver.
How may hours of support do I get?
There are 8 hours of support offered as part of both standard and premium with an additional cost at an hourly rate that can be charged once that is exceeded. You will not be charged automatically if you exceed unless explicitly approved by you.
Can I upgrade from standard to premium?
Yes you can move between standard and premium at any time and charges will be pro-rated into the next month. Please contact sales directly if you wish to do this.
Are there discounts offered?
Yes, discounts are offered with annual subscriptions as well as with the additional purchase of other add-ons.

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