Case study: Empowering the Home Office to Easily, Efficiently and Securely Create Cloud Native Services

Kirsten Medder, March 8, 2022


The UK Home Office is a large government organisation, whose projects and services have historically been delivered by many different teams and suppliers, all with varying processes.

By 2014 it was widely considered best-practice to utilise public cloud, as the community largely shifted in that direction. This widespread cloud adoption led to a mandated policy set out by the Government Digital Service, called ‘Cloud First’.

The problem

As the Home Office began to move more and more of these projects to the cloud, the lack of consistent development practices caused a significant drain on resources, both from a time and cost perspective. They needed a solution to drastically increase the speed, scale and security of their software delivery, enabling teams to effectively manage the delivery of their services from end to end.

The solution

Appvia created a strategic, centralised cloud native platform with baked-in security and governance to allow developers to self-serve the resources they need and move across projects consistently, easily and securely. The platform, alongside comprehensive support and training provided by Appvia, created consistent and safe developer ways of working across 43 projects and 1, 500 employees.

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