Free Downloads: A Round-up of 2020 Resources

23 December 2020 by Katy Ryder

2020 is coming to a quick close, and for most of us it can't come soon enough! It's been a challenging year, as we saw the world completely transform to combat the COVID-19 virus. On a positive for the industry, companies are flocking to the cloud to optimise their IT budgets and uphold newly remote workforces with fast, secure customer solutions. 

This call for more cloud has seen Appvia continue to scale, fully remotely, during the last twelve months. In fact, we started 2020 as a team of 18 people working from London and are ending it as a team of 46, all working remotely across the United Kingdom (and beyond).

During this time, we have we have started several new projects to transform organisations' cloud operations, including the Bank of England, onboarded several new partners, launched new features of Kore Operate and continued to support and grow with our clients throughout their Cloud Native and Kubernetes journeys.

In understanding the complexities, and how difficult it can be to make decisions around your approach to cloud, we created several helpful guides this year. Ranging from hand resources to extensive white papers, here's a round-up of what tops the list from Appvia this year...

1. Your Guide to Kubernetes

Your Guide to Kubernetes is a comprehensive, introductory guide to all things Kubernetes. It covers Kubernetes background, functionality and architecture,  plus real-world experience to start utilising it and a list of resolutions to common errors you might face when you're just getting started. 



2. Cloud Development Platforms: Build vs. Buy

With the ability to package, ship and deploy applications without any upfront hardware investment and commodity services that can be delivered in minutes, cloud can be integral for your business. But it’s also a complex landscape to navigate.

This white paper is an in-depth look at how you can support the software development lifecycle and, most importantly, why you would choose one route over another and how these decisions will affect your business.  



3. Kubernetes Objects Cheat Sheet

This quick-reference and print-friendly cheat sheet provides a list of handy kubectl commands, segmented out into common Kubernetes objects (the ones that you're likely to interact with the most often): Pods, Services, Deployments, Secrets and Nodes

There are some flags and commands that are resource agnostic, so we've covered those too. Use this as a guide to getting started or boost your productivity with Kubernetes. 



4. Take Control of Confusing Cloud Costs

A move to the cloud means that it might be more tricky to keep control of your budget, compared to an on-premise environment. Utilise this guide to determine the source of your spiralling costs and make decisions to get back on track with cost management as a core part of your operations. 



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