Wayfinder June 2024: New Features and Updates

We're excited to announce several new features in Wayfinder that will help you effortlessly manage and distribute your Helm platform components across your development teams.

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June 13, 2024
Jon Shanks

Key Takeaways

New features in v2.7

Package templating

Take advantage of the information Wayfinder holds so you can make dynamic decisions or drive configuration. This enables you to use a single Helm chart across multiple cloud providers, multiple teams and multiple clusters easily.

See the docs

Templated manifests for packages

Some package platform components like the type of storage or the type of certificate authority to use need logic and configuration around them to help make the decision based on a what a developer wants. With templated manifests, you can configure services dynamically and repeatedly based on the self-service requests made by teams.

See the docs

Workload identity templating for packages

Package Workload Identities provide a seamless way for your Helm charts to get the necessary cloud permissions. Use the templating language for advanced options like dynamically scoping permissions to a specific Route53 domain during self-service.

See the docs

Other features we've been working on

  • Bootstrap packages from Helm charts - Add custom or upstream Helm charts to Wayfinder by providing the chart URL. Wayfinder creates the package definition for easy distribution across clusters.
  • Validate packages before consumption - Test and validate package definitions prior to releasing them to development teams. The validate command ensures smooth integration of all components.

See the full roadmap

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