How we’re different

We are a fully integrated public cloud solution, focused on Developer self-service.

We make it quick, secure and simple for delivery teams to deploy applications into AWS, Azure and GCP.

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Hybrid cloud is a stepping stone, not the destination

We can help you accelerate your cloud adoption, empowering teams to deliver in minutes

Early-Stage Cloud Native

  • Lay cloud foundation that will serve now and into future
  • See faster time to cloud value
  • Establish governance and control


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Hybrid Mode

  • Self-service for cloud to move apps quickly from on-premise
  • Cloud security best practice for enterprise apps
  • Cost reduction for on-premise migrations

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Scaling in Cloud

  • Scaling in Cloud
  • Developer self-service enabled
  • Built-in guardrails and account creation for container workloads
  • Eliminate DevOps bottlenecks

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  • Move from cloud to cloud with confidence and consistency
  • Maintain security and policy
  • App modernization underway
  • Optimizing DevOps team with Wayfinder automation

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Accelerate your cloud first, Kubernetes first journey with Appvia

We specialize in industries challenged with sensitive data and complex regulations




Public Sector

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We think about things differently

Why public cloud over hybrid cloud?

Most Kubernetes management tools support a hybrid infrastructure – public and private clouds, on premises, and edge. While this gives you breadth of coverage, it reduces the value of the public cloud vendors to the lowest  common denominator. 

Wayfinder is cloud native and 100% focused on public clouds, allowing us to develop much deeper integrations with cloud services so you can be truly cloud native from day one. 

Why is Wayfinder better than directly using a Kubernetes managed service?

Managed services (AKS, EKS, or GKE) substantially reduce the overhead of managing Kubernetes. With a managed service, you can take advantage of Kubernetes in a way that makes it a service that all teams can deploy for their applications.

Wayfinder makes this possible with self-service capabilities helping your teams do more with less, allowing them to focus on leveraging cloud services.

How is Wayfinder different from competitors?

Most Kubernetes management tools push you towards their way of doing things. We prefer to enable what works for you. 

In Wayfinder, we couple this work flexibility with proven best practices around how clusters, cluster services, cloud accounts, access and permissions are configured so you get security and resilience out of the box. .

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