Why Appvia?

We make sense of tech complexity

The digital landscape is changing, and changing fast. With our help, your organisation can look forward with confidence, whether your challenge is modernising and migrating or creating a new platform that allows your fledgling company to flourish.

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Moving Forward

A modern, forward-thinking mentality

As experts in software engineering, we'll work closely with your development and operational teams. Our products can declutter your infrastructure and give your developers the freedom to develop, letting you focus on building the apps your customers deserve. Our consultants can help shape your cloud and DevOps strategies.

Right at the heart of everything we do is a dedication to DevOps best practices. That means a huge focus on testing and security. It's also about being cloud agnostic so you can manage your apps across multiple clouds and integrations. And it means having a standardised architecture to give you software that can easily grow with your organisation.

We're constantly looking to innovate to meet your changing needs. So we set our talents to building new products to make you more efficient and effective - now and in the future.

So you're ready for tomorrow, not just today.


What our clients say:

Appvia have provided a consistently high-quality product and service to the Home Office throughout the duration of the contract. The platform they provide has proven to be highly reliable and regarded well by its users (application developers teams). From a business prospective has ensured reliability for critical Home Office systems whilst continuously being improved and developed to meet user needs. Appvia’s personnel have shown to be highly skilled with deep knowledge of cloud providers and cloud technology meaning there is a high level of trust between Appvia and HO, in terms of Appvia’s ability to deliver quickly, effectively and on time. They have shown a drive to not just innovate within the service they provide but provide guidance and assistance to other parts of the Home Office to promote both product and agile delivery.
Matt Philpott
Director, Enterprise Technology,
UK Home Office