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Appvia is dedicated to providing solutions that make public cloud delivery simple and secure. We empower organisations to confidently pursue cloud with solutions that make Kubernetes secure, cost-effective, and scalable.

Appvians are passionate about making cloud infrastructure simple

We remove friction

We streamline complexity giving teams more time to innovate.

We encourage ambition

The digital space moves quickly. It is important to try to disrupt, not just catch up.

We listen

We are both empathetic and experts. This combination allows us to offer actionable insights and elegant solutions.

Meet our founders

Jon Shanks

Chief Executive Officer

Jay Keshur

Chief Operating Officer

Our founders have been working together for almost a decade, having met at the Home Office, where they introduced K8s in 2016 to deliver their digital services, working with over 700 developers on over 400 applications. After having worked (and still working) with several large enterprises delivering their platform infrastructure at some of the highest levels of security for the national infrastructure, they decided to solve one of the largest irritations they encountered; cloud platforms were not made for developers. With Wayfinder they put all their years of working with cloud native toolings in a simple to use product for platform teams to enhance their existing tech stack while self serving their development team.

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