Making Kubernetes as easy as using your mobile phone

Appvia is dedicated to providing solutions that make public cloud delivery simple and secure. We empower organizations to confidently pursue cloud with solutions that make Kubernetes secure, cost-effective, and scalable.

Appvia is a trusted partner to organizations worldwide, from financial services to government entities.

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Our story

Appvia has stayed grounded from the very beginning in delivering tangible business value. We have proven our methods and technology in complex, sensitive customer environments, and then sought to scale and repeat those successes in a responsible, sustainable way. We believe strongly in the value of public cloud and want to democratize it so every business can benefit. And we now have the technology solutions to do just that.

Founding team helps Home Office transform how it delivers digital services with more than 700 developers working on 400 apps.

Built a system to harness the abilities of emerging Kubernetes technology.

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Still working with Home Office, we empowered engineers with self-serve and removed complexity—without sacrificing speed or security.

Evolved our approach and technology to scale for any sized team.

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Appvia is officially born by turning our experience and technology into formalized solutions appropriate for any cloud-bound organization.

More customers benefited from Appvia solutions, including CGI.

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Our Wayfinder solution is broad, allowing us to get deep and offer immense capability driven by customer needs and journeys.

Updates are released regularly. Reach out to see what’s new!

Meet the team

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Jon Shanks

Chief Executive Officer

Jon steers the ship, driving Appvia’s overall vision, direction and mission-critical strategy.

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Jay Keshur

Chief Operating Officer

Jay guides Appvia’s day-to-day operations and sits at the helm of our professional services team.