Kubernetes offers so much promise: Scalability, reliability, and portability. But it’s also [CENSORED] hard!

We’ve been working with Kubernetes since the beginning and, from an early-adoption standpoint, will walk you through exactly what makes Kubernetes so complex. We will talk about how a simple idea has evolved into a technical behemoth.

Starting from simple illustrations, we will then expand that into a more detailed explanation of how Kubernetes evolved to become what it is today. And, most importantly, we will talk about how to mitigate that complexity. Join us for this very technical, but also entertaining walk-through of what makes Kubernetes so gosh-darned tricky!

– How a simple idea evolved
– What contributes to its complexity
– How K8s differs from the classical monolithic strategy
– The tradeoff between application and infrastructure
– The explosion of configuration options
– What can be done to mitigate K8s’ complexity