Following our webinar “Do You Even Need Kubernetes Anyway” – you’ve decided that you do and have now started to wonder if you can handle this.

Kubernetes out of the box is a big undertaking. You need to grow a priesthood of people to manage that and it’s too complicated and expensive. The providers have offered a level of simplification with products that provide a pipeline into Kubernetes for your apps – which makes things a lot simpler for you. We then offer yet more simplification with our two-part series Kubernetes from 10,000 ft.

In Pt 1: The Anatomy of Kubernetes, we’ll explain how Kubernetes work and how to get started. If you are new to K8s, this webinar is ideal just to understand the basics of how to run your microservices resiliently and at scale, and then how containers and K8s help with that. Live Q&A with our experts following.