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    Simplify deployment | Enforce security | Scale operations

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Manage up to 3 clusters and 50 vCPUs for free

Wayfinder helps you efficiently manage cloud Kubernetes (EKS, AKS, GKE) to create clusters in minutes, enforce security easily, and reduce operational bottlenecks. Automate cloud account creation, spin up standardized clusters and enforce time-limited, fine-grained user permissions to make Day 1 and Day 2 management easy.

What you need

In order to install Wayfinder, you will need the following:

  • The Wayfinder command-line application. This enables Wayfinder to install itself into your choice of cloud provider. Binaries are available for Linux (Intel architectures) and Mac OS (currently only Intel architecture). Get the CLI
  • The ability to create public DNS records. Wayfinder reserves public IP addresses in your chosen cloud provider, and you will need to update DNS records to point to these during the installation.
  • Credentials for your cloud provider. Wayfinder can be installed into AWS, GCP or Azure - you will need appropriate credentials and permissions to install Wayfinder into one of these services.
  • An OpenID Connect (OIDC) compliant identity provider. Wayfinder uses your existing IDP to grant access to its CLI tool and web-based UI

Choose your download

Download the installer for your operating system.

By downloading an installer, you agree to the following Software Licence Agreement relating to your use of Wayfinder.


The free version of WF gives you full access to all the features and functionality for up to 3 clusters and 50 vCPUs. All you need is a cloud account and a few tools on your workstation to get started.

Decided Wayfinder isn't for you? You can stop using Wayfinder and still have access to all your infrastructure.

  • Multi-cloud flexibility

    Work across all of the major cloud providers, AWS, Azure and GCP, with a common interface.

  • Rapid Application Development

    A common process for application development, which streamlines deployment.

  • Operate at Scale

    Scale the number of requests seamlessly. Whether it’s one cluster or one hundred clusters.

  • DevOps efficiency

    DevOps teams are involved in automating cloud processes, rather than creating them by hand.

  • Developer self-service

    User-centric process where developers can create resources that they need, as they need them.

  • Security and guardrails

    Security requirements are embedded in the automation so that you’re secure from Day 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to run Wayfinder?

Use of Wayfinder is free (for up to 3 clusters and 50 vCPUs), however installing Wayfinder will create a managed Kubernetes cluster in the cloud account you select - this will incur charges from your cloud provider at their published rates. Our default plan for the Wayfinder management cluster will cost in the region of $200 per month. This does not include the costs of any infrastructure that you provision.

Where can I find documentation on Wayfinder?

All of the documentation on Wayfinder can be found at our docs.appvia site:  https://docs.appvia.io

What happens to my data and infrastructure once the trial is complete?

Any resources provisioned in the Cloud by Wayfinder will still remain accessible, all of your work is saved, and any changes or workspaces are kept.

How can I access support / get answers to any questions I have?

All questions can be posted to the #wayfinder-trial channel on the Appvia Slack Community. The community is monitored by the Appvia team.

What features can I use in the product on the free tier?

The free tier is the full version of Wayfinder with no limitation on the feature set you can use. The only limitation is a maximum of 3 clusters and 50 vCPUs.

What if I need more clusters or vCPU?

Get in touch with us.

Need help?

Join our Wayfinder Slack community for help with Wayfinder - from installing to provisioning clusters. Slack us there for support from our Engineers.