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94% of  organisations
struggle to take full advantage of cloud.

Because let's face it, cloud is confusing and complex

The overbearing strain on resources and lack of success can end up becoming the catalyst to pushing organisations back to on-prem without ever realising the benefits of what cloud can offer  — an expensive and painful mistake. Before you get to that point, you should first realise that...

Kore Operate mitigates those complexities.

  1. Secure self-service for teams.

    Along with Kubernetes resources, Kore Operate empowers users to instantiate other Cloud-based application services. These resources (such as Database services, message queues, etc) are deployed to the chosen cloud environment and made accessible to the user in the same manner as Kubernetes resources. Policies define the configuration of these resources and ensure they are created and maintained in accordance with the organisation's security standards.

    Also, easily manage membership of teams, and the resources associated with them, to maintain speed in a secure fashion. Once created, Teams are able to consume cloud resources based on plans and policies defined by operators and security teams.

  2. Baked-in security.

    Kore Operate was born in security-critical environments.  These lessons informed the product’s security-first approach, ensuring that all platform operations are accomplished using ephemeral credentials and least-privilege access.  In addition, we have taken the best-practice security hardening practices for EKS, AKS and GKE and based Kore Operates default policies around them.

    This approach means that clusters provisioned through Kore Operate are security-hardened from day one and least privilege operations are enforced from day two forward.  This truly delivers on the promise of cloud: fast, reliable delivery of secure resources at a button press.

  3. Manage Cloud Costs.

    The ability to pay for cloud services as you consume them is extremely powerful for organisations that have traditionally been required to pre-provision and pre-pay for capacity that may not become fully utilised. Left unchecked, however, this ability can lead to accidental overspending, leaving you with unexpected bills and uncomfortable decisions.

    Kore Operate provides granular, near real-time insights on actual spend, as well as projected cloud costs across all Kubernetes environments regardless of the cloud they run in. This bird's eye view can also be filtered to show cost attribution back to the team that requested the resources, ensuring that organisations can see where their cloud spend is today, where it will be tomorrow and how those costs align to their teams and products. This capability sets Kore Operate apart from its competitors and provides actionable insights that the cloud provider native tools simply don’t provide.

Getting started is fast and frictionless.

Kore Operate does the heavy lifting to get you started quickly in a secure environment, with automated cloud best-practices and guardrails.

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