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94% of  organisations
struggle to take full advantage of cloud.

Because let's face it, cloud is confusing and complex

The overbearing strain on resources and lack of success can end up becoming the catalyst to pushing organisations back to on-prem without ever realising the benefits of what cloud can offer  — an expensive and painful mistake. Before you get to that point, you should first realise that...

  1. You're not as fast as you need to be. 

    You adopted cloud because it's meant to be fast. But there's a lot of configuration, integration needed to make it production ready. When development teams are slowed down because they can't self-serve the infrastructure that they need, or are stalled by resilience and security problems, you aren't able to meet market demands fast enough. 

    You need something to help you retain your speed. 

  2. Your teams lack certain skills. 

    The complexities that are slowing down your teams and keeping you from acting fast — do your teams know what they need to do to combat them? You're likely to find that they don't, and the last thing you want to do is reinvent the wheel to bring your teams to speed or, worse, have to seek out (and pay for) specialist resource.

    You need an accelerator that has been there, done that

  3. You're wasting money. 

     Slowing down your time to production and bringing in specialist resource adds up to wasted money, on top of all of the financial resource you're pouring into cloud.  

    You need a solution that will optimise costs, not drain them.

Kore Operate automates those complexities 

Kore Operate unlocks the full potential of EKS, AKS and GKE, providing the flexibility to use the right cloud resources and services for the job.

Get up and running within hours, limiting the time investment. With self-service Devs can quickly ship production ready applications into cloud.

Protect business data through a safe and secure cloud infrastructure with compliance, policy, cloud resourcing guardrails.

Get granular insights on your actual spend (in near real-time) as well as projected cloud costs to keep budgets under control and prevent accidental overspending. 

Centrally controlled and managed cloud infrastructure, policy, observability, monitoring and alerting at scale.

Kore Operate doesn’t distribute Kubernetes but layers on top of public clouds. Organisations maintain ownership over their cloud accounts

By enabling dev teams to self-serve cloud resources in the platform, you avoid teams creating their own accounts and resources that don't comply with organisation requirements.

Getting started is fast and frictionless.

Kore Operate does the heavy lifting to get you started quickly in a secure environment, with automated cloud best-practices and guardrails.

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