DevOps Initiatives Will Fail Without Developer Self-Service

Introduction to developer self-service Unlock the full potential of your DevOps practices with this comprehensive guide to Developer Self-Service. This whitepaper sheds light on the vital role of empowering developers in today’s fast-paced software development landscape. What You’ll Learn: Who Should Read This:

Why developer self-service is the key to cloud innovation

Introduction to developer self-service Developer self-service is a way of providing developers with the ability to provision the Cloud compute resources that they need for their application(s) to work – such as compute, databases, object storage and message queues without needing to interact with a Platform, Cloud or DevOps engineer. Currently Cloud automation tooling is...

Cloud Development Platforms: Build vs Buy

With the ability to package, ship and deploy applications without any upfront hardware investment and commodity services that can be delivered in minutes, cloud can be integral for your business. But it’s also a complex landscape to navigate. 

Your Guide to Kubernetes

This easily digestible and visual guide is a comprehensive overview of important elements, considerations and functionalities of Kubernetes, plus real-world experience on how to start utilizing it. Read about: