The Frankenstein of Modern Development – The Day 2 Monster

In the realm of Kubernetes and cloud-native deployments, the terms Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 have become ubiquitous. They represent distinct phases in the lifecycle of software deployment and management, each with its own set of challenges and requirements.

What is Dynamic Configuration Management?

The potential of Dynamic Configuration Management in software development. Dive into its benefits, real-world applications, and the future of DCM.

The Evolving Developer Experience in Cloud Native Ecosystems

Exploring the pivotal role of developer experience in cloud-native ecosystems, emphasising collaboration, efficiency, and innovation in cloud deployments.

Understanding the Role of a Platform Engineer

Discover what a platform engineer does, the importance of platform engineering in modern software development, and how it's shaping the future of the tech industry.

What is Policy As [versioned] Code?

This is a continuation of the PodSecurityPolicy is Dead, Long live…? article, which looks at how to construct the most effective policy for your Kubernetes infrastructure. Haven’t read that? Check it out first. Based on that foundation, this article looks at how versioning policies streamline the developer experience to deliver features and minimise downtime whilst...

How to Use the Security Profiles Operator

Introduction Following on from PodSecurityPolicy is Dead, Long Live…? this tutorial covers the practical use of a new tool from the Kubernetes Node Specialist Interest Group. The Linux kernel (the same marvel that brings us containers) provides a few capabilities for bridging the last mile in security management limiting the actual capabilities of the processes that are running....

Tutorial: Keyless Sign and Verify Your Container Images With Cosign

Just like supply chains of physical goods, the security of software supply chains is extremely important. Malicious attacks on the software supply chain are an ever-present threat and can cause extreme damage, which is evident from the Colonial Pipeline security attack which took down the largest fuel pipeline in the US due to a compromised password.  The software supply chain is...

Should GitOps Be on the CTO’s Radar?

This article was first published on ITProPortal on 10 March 2020 GitOps first hit the scene in 2017 after being coined by the founder of Weaveworks, joining the ranks of other ‘Ops’ suffixed words like DevOps, FinOps and DevSecOps. GitOps is on the rise in response to an increased adoption of Kubernetes; when organisations move...

What You Need to Know About Serverless Computing

Serverless computing (or, simply, serverless) is a way to allocate backend services in a dynamic, as-used fashion. Formally described by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation – CNCF – as ‘the concept of building and running applications that do not require server management’, there are two approaches to maximising its benefits: Host it yourself or use...