Secure and fast container deployment for cloud

A unified experience across multiple clouds with secure and automated Kubernetes and developer self-service cloud resources.

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What is Wayfinder?

Wayfinder brings together cost, security and speed into a single solution for all three major clouds.

Get your containerised applications to market quickly with developer self-service without needing to scale your cloud engineering teams.

With good cost oversight and security guardrails in place Wayfinder brings Dev and Ops together to unlock your cloud innovation goals.


“It was very productive, and interesting to see the decrease in the amount of effort required to have Kubernetes clusters up and running in production-ready scenarios.”

João Dinis

Lead Machine Learning Engineer, CGI

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Why use Wayfinder?

Wayfinder helps your Platform team do more with less across all of the Clouds.

Auto-account provisioning
Isolate project specific workloads through automated account provisioning, improving your application and data security posture.
Choose the right cloud
Deploy containerized applications to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud in a unified way, allowing teams to innovate by using the right cloud for the job.
Infrastructure on demand
Distribute Terraform self-service capabilities to dev teams so they can access cloud-based app dependencies and get apps working in minutes.
Improved security posture
Enforce security best practices such as single sign-on, short-lived access, and least privilege in Kubernetes and cloud.

Wayfinder capabilities

We’re not a platform, we’re a flexible toolbox that enables your cloud first journey for the long run. Pick and choose which Wayfinder capabilities you want to leverage.

Teams, Workspaces, and User Access Management

Collaborate and manage cloud simply as a team

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CGI used Wayfinder to reduce lead time to deploy secure apps across multiple clouds from 1 week to 1 hour.

A unified multi-cloud experience

Ship applications across multiple regions and clouds

Secure Kubernetes-as-a-service

Embedded security in all things Kubernetes

Kubernetes made simple!

Multi-cloud Kubernetes management

Easy and repeatable application distribution

Manage in-cluster applications across clusters

Home Office UK decreased hosting costs by 86% for all projects
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Keep on top of your cloud spend

Enable teams to be cost conscious and save money

Self-Service Cloud Resources

Ship cloud applications quickly with self service

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Home Office UK reduced delivery times from 8 months to 2 weeks on average

Policy and Governance

Create consistent adherence from end to end

Drive security-based policies, such as least privilege, across all clusters and environments, to know that teams are adhering to organizational security standards.


Wayfinder technical view

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Appvia Jumpstart Service for Wayfinder

Appvia offers a jumpstart service to help launch your first app with Wayfinder using a gold standard application framework. Let us help you get a jump on cloud and Kubernetes!

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