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Recognizing the true potential of the cloud has become increasingly difficult. With the increased growth rate of cloud service complexity, the desire to use more than one cloud and a lack of skilled resources in the industry.

With Cloud Native Landing Zone, we put the well architected frameworks in place across Google, Azure and AWS with a push-button approach making it simple for teams to consume and deliver innovative services for your business.

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“The Appvia team consisted of engineering and delivery professionals which were embedded into the organisation to collaborate with cyber security, service management, architecture and finance to design, build and implement a cloud landing zone in Microsoft Azure.”

The Bank of England, UK

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Why use Cloud Native Landing Zone?

Put the governance structure around your teams to avoid cloud security risks.

Multi-cloud Strategy out of the box
Have a well architected framework in place for all cloud providers.
Become Cloud Native
Move to a micro-service architecture to improve scale, resiliency and release frequency.
Connect services with central networking
Connect applications across different regions, cloud vendors or cloud accounts in a unified way.
Improved security posture
Enforce security best practices across all your cloud accounts with a top down, compliance-driven approach.

Cloud Native Landing Zone Capabilities

Bringing together the cloud architectural best practices all in one place

Cloud Structure

Adopt a multi-team cloud structure for isolated workloads

Have a multi-team based cloud structure that splits application workloads into separate project specific areas and environments, improving cost visibility, security, audit and access. 

11. Cloud Structure CNLZ
small cloud
CGI used Wayfinder to reduce lead time to deploy secure apps across multiple clouds from 1 week to 1 hour.

Identity and Access Management

Central authentication across all clouds with Single-Sign-On

Integrate the cloud into your central identity provider, preventing identity sprawl across your organization.

Centrally manage Users, groups and permissions across all team-based cloud structures in a unified way. 

12. Identity and Access Management CNLZ 2

Cloud Networking

Scale application-to-application communication

Adopt a hub-spoke network topology in order for applications to communicate with one another as well as shared services or existing on-premise services as you modernize your business services.

Become a zero-trust organization and improve your application security posture.

13. Cloud Networking CNLZ 1
14. Budgeting CNLZ 1


Manage and control cloud costs

Every project in the business should have a defined budget, be it large or small. Some of that budget will need to factor in the operational costs of cloud. 

Manage team budgets, making sure teams stay within the expected cloud spend.

Audit and Monitoring

Centralized and alerting across all of your cloud accounts

Improve your security posture with centralized audit across all of your cloud accounts to inform your security teams of any unusual activity. 

Ingest all cloud logs into your Security Information and Event Management system to help protect and understand cyber attacks.

15. Audit and Monitoring CNLZ 1
16. Security and Compliance CNLZ 1

Security and Compliance

Manage central policy across all of your delivery teams

Have a consistent security posture through enforced security policies, allowing teams to deliver under approved security guardrails. 

Enforce PCI, NIST and CIS compliance standards, ensuring you remain compliant across all of your projects and application workloads.

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Wayfinder - your cloud native solution

Wayfinder allows your platform team to scale without needing to scale your team! Empower developers to self-serve securely in the cloud now!

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Appvia Jumpstart Service for Wayfinder

Appvia offers a jumpstart service to help launch your first app with Wayfinder using a gold standard application framework. Let us help you get a jump on cloud and Kubernetes!

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