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How to self-serve Cloud resources with Kubernetes

Self-service Kubernetes

As Kubernetes has emerged to be the infrastructure solution for many businesses when working with containers. There has been a lot of extensibility in the industry to use Kubernetes as a way to automate other infrastructure requirements. We will look into current and emerging technologies around cloud service automation, from the terraform operator through to service brokers, with a view for developers being able to self-serve cloud services.

In this webinar we will:

  • Discuss best practices around self-service Kubernetes; ensuring security, supporting agile development and reducing workloads
  • Talk about Kubernetes extensibility, from open service broker API through to Operators
  • Discuss major cloud vendors approaches, GCP, AWS and Azure and the direction they’re heading in when it comes to cloud service automation through Kubernetes
  • Compare varying solutions in the industry with pros and cons
  • Talk about how to adopt an approach for portability across the changing and evolving landscape

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Our Speaker


Lewis Marshall

Tech Evangelist, SRE at Appvia

Lewis Marshall is a Cloud-Native delivery advocate at Appvia.

Over his 28 years of experience in development and operations, he has helped transform software delivery systems at Pfizer, London Stock exchange, the Home Office, and many others. Working through x86 Assembly all the way to Golang and Kubernetes, Lewis is now helping organisations with their digital transformation efforts. Passionate about OneWheel and all things space.

About Appvia

Appvia provides a secure delivery platform enabling digital delivery teams to develop and release at scale. It enables the world’s most agile organisations to quickly and securely scale their apps and services using cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes.

Founded in 2018 in London, Appvia has helped to transform organisations like the UK's Home Office by building a robust, self-service Kubernetes platform. By being involved with Kubernetes since its inception we've developed best practices and implemented it in Kore, to make Kubernetes a commodity. 

We are part of CNCF foundation, Google and AWS partners as well as KOPS maintainers.