Kubernetes is highly configurable, but highly complex.

In 2020, a Capital One Kubernetes breach saw 30GB of credit application data exfiltrated, affecting about 106 million people.

Small, accidental misconfigurations can leave application components vulnerable to attack and exploitation.

 In 2020 alone, several high-profile data breaches were traced back to inadvertent misconfigurations in Kubernetes clusters, allowing bad actors to take advantage of overly permissive security roles.

Kore Operate is secure by design.

Kore Operate enables teams to self-serve resources to build and ship applications quickly and securely while leveraging containerised technologies, open-source and the cost efficiencies of multi-cloud. 

Born in security-critical environments, the Kore Operate platform is built with a security-first approach, ensuring that all platform operations are accomplished using ephemeral credentials and least-privilege access.

  1. Centralised RBAC

    Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) operates consistently, regardless of an organisation's chosen public cloud environment. Users aren't required to have direct access, but instead Operators define mapped cloud accounts to take action on users' behalf.

  2. Least Privilege Account Automation

    All operations are conducted following the Principle of Least Privilege, so there’s enforcement of the minimum amount of permission and time needed to accomplish an action, which is critical to maintaining a hardened security posture in the cloud.

  3. Security Best-Practices

    Built-in security regulations and policies harden the security posture of cloud-based Kubernetes clusters and application services to ensure that resources are always delivered secure by default.

    These regulations were built from our experience implementing Cloud and Kubernetes in high-security, highly-regulated environments and provide Operators with built-in security configurations and policies that have been verified by independent security researchers and professionals. 

See how it works

This collective security-first approach means that clusters provisioned through Kore Operate are security hardened from day one and least privilege operations are enforced from day two forward.

This truly delivers on the promise of cloud: fast, reliable delivery of secure resources at a button press.

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