Realizing the True Benefits of Cloud-Native Kubernetes, Part Two

March 8, 2022

Duration: 43 min

Brought to you jointly by Appvia and Microsoft

All of us have experienced a global disruptor that none of us saw coming. As the world emerges into a new digitally transformative era, businesses have discovered that they are critically dependent on being cloud-native and becoming agile in order to meet their customers’ changing needs.

With a public cloud such as Azure, businesses have a wealth of tools and best practices to guide them through to successful outcomes that being cloud-native offers. But they have become stuck in the mud, and unable to move forward because they do not know how to effectively use these tools. If businesses can pull themselves out of this mire, they could be set onto a path to true innovation. But how do they do this?

In this discussion-style webinar, brought to you by Appvia and Microsoft, we continue the conversation into how customers realize the true value of cloud. Microsoft will share the challenges their customers are seeing struggle in adopting Kubernetes on Azure, and how Azure and Appvia collectively help businesses realize the true potential of cloud-native with AKS.

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