Is it time to put your pet Kubernetes down?

February 17, 2022

Duration: 32 min

Teams using Kubernetes often are like people moving into a pristine new flat in a tower block: every flat was built totally identical and vanilla, and anyone coming in to work on them would know exactly where everything was like power outlets, phone lines, etc. But teams do the natural thing many do which is to make it their own – or a snowflake, which is to say something totally unique and possibly non-reproducible.

The consequences of this vary but are often observed when you have an issue and you need to explain to whoever comes to fix it all the weird wonderful things you can remember you did so they can help you.

In this discussion-style webinar, Chris Nesbitt-Smith and Graeme Colman bring their vast experience of this problem to talk through the many angles of this, from addressing recruitment, onboarding issues to operational challenges.

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