Enabling Developer Self-Service with Terraform & Helm

April 21, 2022

Duration: 52 min

Infrastructure operators that are part of a centralised team are responsible for implementing a consistent and repeatable infrastructure provisioning solution that uses cloud best practices to meet the applications’ requirements on a cloud provider.

They may choose to create, maintain and vendor infrastructure compositions but there is no simple and consumable way to package and present back to application developers to self-serve cloud resources without them spending time on learning the cloud infrastructure details and tools instead of applications.

In this demo style webinar, Appvia Solutions Architect Yas Jaffoo talks through the problem he saw and how he solved it using Helm to create cloud resources.

In this webinar, you will learn:
– How to create an AWS S3 bucket with Helm
– Ways of working & separation of concerns
– How this simplifies app development in the cloud

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