Cloud Unplugged

The Cloud Unplugged podcast takes a lighthearted look at the who, what, when, where, why, how and OMGs of cloud computing. Hosted by Appvia CEO Jon Shanks and CTO Joel Parks from opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Listen below or on your favorite streaming app and keep an ear out for new episodes every Wednesday.

Season 1, EP 1 | Getting Started With Cloud

The industry is becoming more receptive to cloud approaches and all indicators say more and more people are going down this path. But, where do you start in the world of cloud computing? Let's get into it. 

Season 1, EP 2 | Building The Team

Once you know where to get started with the cloud, how do you go about building the team? If you're in this situation, be patient and don't get discouraged. It's a huge shift, and it won't happen overnight, but these are the roles you should look towards as your key players.  

Season 1, EP 3 | Structuring Cloud Accounts

How do you choose the right cloud for your team? Where do you go from there? And why does any of this even matter? This episode looks at how to structure your account and your teams to get up and running quickly, in a way that's going to work for your organisation. 

Season 1, EP 4 | Hybrid, Multi or Single Cloud

The realities, benefits and drawbacks of a hybrid cloud, multi-cloud or single cloud approach. 

Season 1, EP 5 | All About Cloud Native

What does cloud native really mean, anyways?  The answer will help you massively in your journey to cloud. 

Season 1, EP 6 | Interview With Alicia Davis

In this bonus episode, co-host Joel Parks sits down with his former colleague and fellow cloud expert Alicia Davis to chat through her experiences with cloud adoption.

Season 1, EP 7 | Application Development Pt. 1

We've already talked through how to build your team, get your processes and terminology straight, and how to structure cloud accounts. Now, we've arrived at application development. 

Season 1, EP 8 | Questions & Opinions

In this episode, hosts Joel and Jon take a step back from routine to share opinions and ask each other questions about a handful of hot-topic issues in the Cloud universe. Here's what's on their mind this week.

Season 1, EP 9 | Application Development Pt. 2

We're rounding out the 2-part series 'all about the app'. Check out Pt. 1 for the foundations:  Best practices around agile and lean methodologies and how to get your source code management correct.

Season 1, EP 10 | Interview with Eric Santelices

We're back with another interview episode! This week, host Joel caught up with Eric Santelices to chat about his windy and interesting journey to cloud.

Season 1, EP 11 | Interview with Carlos Nunez

Joel and Carlos go WAY back. And, would you believe that Carlos has moved from a Kubernetes hater to full-blown evangelist? Dig into his story and how he advises, and aims, to make production fun again.

Season 1, EP 12 | Notorious B.I.G. Data

This week, Joel is out and Jon is in! He catches up with a fellow Appvia colleague, Chris Nesbitt-Smith, to talk about all things big data in cloud. It's as confusing as it is big ... so buckle up.