Open Source

Appvia and
open source projects

Open Source is in our DNA.  Appvia was originally founded off the back of consuming, contributing and building open source technologies. Beginning as heavy contributors and, then, maintainers of Kops, through to building our own open source technologies, we recognise how valuable it is that open source enables businesses to innovate and build on top of solutions.

As members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), we are committed to foundation’s mission of making cloud computing ubiquitous and accessible.  We actively contribute to many CNCF projects (Kubernetes, Kops, Crossplane, Thanos, etc) and consistently engage with other CNCF members to advance the maturity and adoption of open source technologies.

Appvia's own open source projects,  Kev and Krane, were created to support developers on their cloud journey; helping them to build more resilient and secure systems from day one. 

Appvia Kev

Kev accelerates application development on Kubernetes. It understands the Docker Compose application topology and prepares it for deployment in target environments, with minimal user input and minimal Kubernetes expertise. Integration with Skaffold automates the build, test and deploy cycle, enabling developers to iterate quickly.

Kore Migrate is an additional tool that helps to re-platform your applications from Cloud Foundry / PCF to Kubernetes. Learn more about Kore Migrate.

Appvia Krane

Krane reduces security risks with real-time RBAC visibility and transparency, measured and monitored across the company's entire estate. 

Krane is a simple Kubernetes RBAC static analysis tool that identifies potential security risks in K8s RBAC design and makes suggestions on how to mitigate them. The Krane dashboard presents the current RBAC security posture and lets you navigate through its definition to keep risk to a minimum.