Q1 Roundup

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Welcome to your Q1 Roundup from Appvia, highlighting a host of resources, tutorials and knowledge around Cloud, Kubernetes and containers. 

Back in March 2021, we took part in Microsoft’s three-day One Commercial Partner (OCP) Hackathon, working through a way to implement Least Privilege on Microsoft Azure. Read what we learned and what comes next ⬇️

  1.  How to Expose K8s Services on EKS with DNS and TLS

     This tutorial brings a few tools together to help publish your Kubernetes services on EKS securely with DNS and TLS, and how to remove complexity.

  2. Should GitOps Be on the CTO's Radar?

     GitOps can be a powerful way of working, but how does it compare and works alongside other practices? And should CTOs consider putting it into play?

  3. What You Need to Know About Serverless Computing

     Serverless computing is a way to allocate backend services in a dynamic, as-used fashion. Here are the basics of what you need to know. 

  4. Employee Spotlight: Meet the Appvians

    From engineering to operations, Meet the Appvians is a series that shines a spotlight on the people behind our products. 

Launching Soon: Cloud Unplugged Podcast

We're excited for next week's launch of our new brand podcast, Cloud Unplugged, hosted by Appvia CEO Jon Shanks and Product Marketing Manager Joel Parks. 

Cloud Unplugged will take a lighthearted and honest look at the who, what, when, where, why and how of cloud computing ... stay tuned for more info on launch day!  

Speaking of the ins and outs of Cloud, here are a few other free resources that might come in handy, wherever you are in your journey: 

> Your Guide to Kubernetes

Kubernetes Cheat Sheet 

How to Manage Cloud Costs

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