Policy & Governance

Operational guidelines to keep you covered

Kore Operate has built-in policy & governance

Kore Operate empowers administrators and security professionals to set operational guidelines that are enforced through automation.

Plans and Policies define the cloud resources users are able to request through the self-service console. Cloud resources are delivered with all the necessary guardrails and functionality required to be production-ready without introducing additional workload on administrators or additional delays from blocking governance activities.

  • Plans

    Plans are Kore Operate configurations that define the size and shape of resources that users can elect to deploy via the self-service mechanisms. Plans define the scale and resiliency of Kubernetes clusters (e.g Development vs Production) but can also be configured to address specific environmental security configurations (PCI, HIPAA, etc). Plans are also operator-configured and constitute pre-approved, compliant technologies that users can deploy at will.

  • Policies

    Policies are Kore Operate configurations that define the actions a user or team is permitted to take. Policies can be applied to what resources (see Plans) a User or Team can deploy as well as how those resources are governed once deployed.

    Policies can be scoped to specific environments, application lanes, clusters or namespaces and represent the primary mechanism for multi-cloud resource configuration governance.

Use Kore Operate to enforce correct policy and governance

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