Cost Management

Take a cost-first development approach

Get valuable insights on what you're spending on Cloud

The ability to pay for cloud services as you consume them is extremely powerful for organisations that have traditionally been required to pre-provision and pre-pay for capacity that may not become fully utilised. Left unchecked, however, this ability can lead to accidental overspending, leaving you with unexpected bills and uncomfortable decisions.

Kore Operate provides granular, near real-time insights on actual spend, as well as projected cloud costs across all Kubernetes environments regardless of the cloud they run in. 

  • Cost Management and Reporting

    You can compare costs from AWS, Azure and GCP at the planning and provisioning stage, and get ongoing visibility of actual costs incurred by a team's infrastructure. This helps stop project costs from spiraling out of control in early-stage development so that you can embed a cost-first development approach and budget for the right size infrastructure.

Use Kore Operate to get visibility on your cloud spend

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