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Appvia Kore allows organisations to easily utilise complex public cloud Kubernetes infrastructure on AKS, EKS and GKE.  

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Appvia Kore platform


Appvia Kore is a self-service platform that provides DevOps and Development teams instant, sophisticated access to public cloud resources. Years of Kubernetes experience across government agencies and large enterprises have been distilled into the platform, automating industry best practices, reducing security risks and taking the trouble out of Kubernetes management.

Kore removes Kubernetes complexities. 

Appvia Kubernetes security

Alert development teams to things that matter, reducing noise from unnecessary alerts to keep on track. 

By making sure the noise is reduced from unnecessary alerts that are low priority, teams can react to known problems that are identified as application critical. 

Teams and Administrators can configure alerts to be sent where teams are most likely to see them, like Slack or a team ticketing system, so that incidents can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Appvia Kore cost optimsation
Cost Optimisation
Compare prices between cloud providers before provisioning, and get real-time analysis of actual spend. 

Compare costs of Google, Amazon and Azure, before provisioning infrastructure. Through real-time cloud pricing analysis, you can predict the expected cost of your infrastructure. 

Once cloud services are self-served by the teams, costs are continually calculated in real-time so that developers and budget holders are aware of the ongoing costs and can keep in line with expected budgets. 

Appvia Kore monitoring

Security best practices are built-in so that the risk of breaches is minimised right from the start.

Security standards built on best practices, including: 

  • Configuration security scans 
  • Enforced network policies
  • Role based access control enablement 
  • Pod security policies
  • Least privilege cloud resource access
  • Autoscaling capabilities
  • Auditability of all actions performed 
Appvia Kore environment creation
Environment Creation

Self-serve environments to create, manage and delete environments quickly and easily as needed. 

Environment self-service allows users to create, delete and manage environments quickly and as needed. As cloud Kubernetes creation is mapped to the team automatically, the relationship between teams, clusters and environments is understood.

This removes manual environment provisioning bottlenecks, and gives teams everything they need to deploy and test quickly. 

self service resources-3
Self-Service Resources

Choose from configured plans so teams can easily provision consistent, secure cloud resources.


Best practice and common utilisation requirements are condensed into plans, making it easy for teams to be able to analyse the configuration options if needed for transparency but matched with the speed and accessibility. 

With these plans, teams can get cloud resources quickly and simply, and consume the service with encrypted access credentials and endpoints in the environment the application will be deployed to. 

user management
User Management

Users maintain a single identity across the business and you’re able to assign roles, privileges and access.


 Kore is integrated into your company's central identity provider so that users remain having only one identity within the business.

When a specific user is disabled, their access to Kore and downstream tools is automatically disabled. On top of that, you're able to easily manage users by assigning roles, privileges and access capabilities. 

How the platform works 


Admins configure Authentication for Kore into their organisation authentication system
Cloud Provider Setup
Cloud Provider Setup
Kubernetes Cluster Plans
Kubernetes Cluster Plans


Non-admin users can login once authentication is configured. They can use the cloud provider and use one of the plans defined for kubernetes and get clusters and environments and deploy applications
Admins configures cloud provider for organisation.
Developers use Plans to provision clusters inside of cloud providers without needing to understand kubernetes
Kubernetes As A Service Team Cloud Account Cloud Provider Kore API
Kore API
Administrator can define plans that define what a production or development kubernetes cluster would look like.
Teams get their own unique isolated cloud instance and provision kubernetes dev and production type clusters with the necessary team access from the administrator defined plans

How Kore impacts different roles in your organisation.

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