Kore Migrate

Pivotal Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes

Kore Migrate

Kore Migrate is a tool that helps to re-platform your applications from Cloud Foundry / PCF to Kubernetes. It understands Cloud Foundry application composition and translates it to a set of Kubernetes configuration files ready for deployment in multiple target environments, with minimal user input.

What does Kore Migrate do?

Kore Migrate offers a simple command-line experience that allows engineers unfamiliar with Kubernetes to translate their Cloud Foundry applications to cloud-native Kubernetes apps in seconds. The tool requires CF application manifest as input and generates valid Kubernetes configuration files in return. The translation step is transparent and lightweight with zero dependency on external tooling.

It interactively guides you through the process and provides useful information on how to tweak the configuration and deploy translated applications to a target Kubernetes cluster.

What this means for you

Migrating applications from platforms such as Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes can be challenging and time-consuming. It requires expert knowledge and experience with both Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. Kore Migrate simplifies and automates this task, reducing the need for Kubernetes expertise in the team and the time required to manually craft necessary configuration files. It is intended for Developers and DevOps engineers driving the application migration and allows them to adjust the configuration for each of the deployment environments.

How it works

A Cloud Foundry application manifest is the only artefact that is required to perform the translation of the application configuration. Kore Migrate analyses the input Cloud Foundry manifest and translates its elements to their Kubernetes equivalent, assuming sensible defaults for configuration that is not present in the source application manifest. Typically deployment environments differ slightly in terms of resources they should be allowed to use, environment variables and their values, or number of service instances that should run, to name a few. Each specified deployment environment can be individually controlled with a set of easy to follow configuration parameters that may be used to influence generated Kubernetes configuration.

Move from Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Kore Migrate

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