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Appvia Kore Cost

Predict and manage your cloud costs

Appvia Kore Cost gives granular visibility of cloud costs, at either a management or team level. Forecast spending costs and see a near real-time view of spending across one or multiple cloud vendors - including AWS, Azure and GCP.

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Why KORE Cost

Kore Cost predicts cloud spending and gives a granular price breakdown of existing projects within Appvia Kore. Instead of the typical aggregated view, you’re provided with spending insights for each project to help optimise budgeting.

The increase in visibility removes the need for teams to conduct time-consuming research to compare costs manually. And budget-setting allows you to keep teams on track so there’s no unexpected or out-of-control spending.



Cost visibility

Compare cloud costs at the point of decision making and extend that visibility to development teams . 

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Granular Breakdowns

Applications and cloud services are grouped to represent the total cost of a microservice, environment or application stack.


Real-Time Updates

Near real-time visibility of costs split out by existing projects or teams to help you to keep costs under control.


Budget Awareness

Set budgets to provide teams with awareness of their ongoing spending against a listed budget.


Resource Optimisation

Mechanisms within Kore Cost allow you to pinpoint services that aren’t being used, further conserving your budget and resources.


Time Saving

Costs are broken down for you in detail, so you can skip the long process of manually researching and comparing cloud costs.

How it works


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Kubernetes with Appvia Kore

Get the most out of Kubernetes with Appvia Kore, a solution that removes the complexity of Kubernetes management while giving you all of its benefits. Learn more about Kore or, to unlock Kore’s full potential, talk to us for tailored advice.