Measure Your Kubernetes Risks

Are you sure that your Kubernetes environment is secure? Are you totally convinced that you're risk-free?

If there's any doubt in your mind, we've assembled an assessment to audit your Kubernetes clusters. Carried out in a one-day session by one of our expert architects, you'll get a view into where you're falling down and actionable insights on how to harden your security posture.

It's a lot of effort to even get Kubernetes working in production and, when you do, you have another mountain to climb — how do you know it's configured correctly? What threats are lurking behind the scenes?

We get it. As early adopters of Kubernetes, and maintainers of kOps, we're experts in this space and understand where you could be exposed and how you can easily harden your security posture.

We've been here before with...

There are a ton of assessments out there, but it's that level of experience that enables us to interpret that raw data and translate it into actionable insights. This isn't a bug fix, but we'll put all the power into your hands to make those changes and fixes yourselves.

What does the assessment cover?

Our assessment measures and mitigates your Kubernetes risks against the checklist of priorities identified in the current CIS Kubernetes Benchmark:

  • Master Node Configuration
    • Control Plane Components & Configuration
    • ETCD Datastore
    • Worker Node Kubelet Configuration
    • RBAC Policies
    • Pod Security
    • Default Network Policies
    • General Cluster Policies
  1. How does it work?

    1. First, schedule a quick intro call to kick things off, walking through your tech stack and going over the basics of the audit.  
    2. In a day-long session, one of our Solutions Architects will run the audit and compile the findings.
    3. Then, they'll hand over a detailed PDF that explains the results of each category, with practical fixes to reduce the risk of malicious applications getting onto your platform.
    4. With the tools and fixes we recommend, you're empowered to deploy your applications with best-practice security.

Kick-off your assessment

Schedule your intro call below to walk through the logistics of the assessment, discuss your tech stack and your unique challenges and schedule your audit.