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Introduction to Kore: Kubernetes for Teams

All the things you want to know about using Kubernetes as a team

With Kore, you can supercharge your teams using Kubernetes as a service. Let developers use containers swiftly and easily without the need for specialist knowledge. With Kore on your side, you avoid the complexity and risk of never-ending configuration while gaining flexibility and effortless control.

In this introductory webinar we have

  • Discussed the journey to becoming Cloud-native
  • Talked about best practices for teams using Kubernetes
  • Demoed Kore and walk you through the use cases
  • Showed how to implement GKE and EKS
  • Answered questions about Kore and Kubernetes

Webinar on demand:

Our Speakers


Jon Shanks

CEO at Appvia

Jonathan Shanks is the CEO and co-Founder of Kubernetes delivery platform Appvia.

Prior to joining Appvia, Jon was Head and Technical Lead at the Home Office, he spearheaded initiatives that revitalised aspects of the Home Office’s technical infrastructure.

Jon is a DevOps expert and entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in leading developers and engineers in scaling and delivering new solutions.

Mark Hughes

Senior Developer at Appvia

Mark is a senior developer at Appvia. Prior to joining, he spent over a decade living through the problems big organisations have in attempting to embrace cloud native computing and modern development practices - both on the coal face and leading teams through the pain. 
He believes that we should be building products that support developers rather than working against them. Now he's working on Kore helping organisations adopt Kubernetes at scale.