Innovate & Transform to meet Disruption & Demand

Webinar content

Financial services organisations have been building software to serve customers and internal processes for decades. The result over time is sprawling IT estates and bedded in process-heavy out-of-date ways of working. Nimble challenger banks who can innovate and respond to market demands and disruption quickly are rapidly gaining market share. It is clear that for traditional financial institutions to survive they must adopt cloud native, agile ways of working and empower their development teams to innovate and move fast, while maintaining the security and compliance the sector mandates.

To stay ahead in this changing competitive landscape means overcoming disruptive forces whilst meeting the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market. Defining the winners is their ability to accelerate and scale using the best technology available today.

In this webinar, Appvia and WM Promus technology experts describe how to meet the challenge by looking to a cloud-agnostic platform that provides developers with self-service environments and resources whilst ensuring security is not compromised.

Key learning objectives

  • The security risks to a business of not moving to agile and cloud native ways of working.
  • How cloud infrastructure and a cloud-native platform enables customers to move quickly and iterate.
  • How a cloud-native platform can accelerate development while maintaining security and compliance